Metal Processing

Our comprehensive range is bound to include the ideal packaging for your metal products and workpieces. From corrosion protection products and containers to the the pallet security of heavy goods. We have just the right solution - Just ask Antalis!

Anti Corrosion VCI Papers

Reliable premium quality corrosion protection paper


Tried and tested VCI corrosion protection paper for stringent demands and requirements.

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Strapping bands

Making light work of heavy goods


To secure pallets, to bundle, as a theft-deterrent and to strap heavy goods.

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Masterline hand strapping tools

Small, light, handy and fast


Battery-operated hand-held devices to secure pallets and strap heavy goods.

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Packaging Systems

Modern and innovative machines and equipment

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Packaging machines help rationalise processes and reduce material consumption

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Safe corrosion protection

VCI, the rust deterrent!


VCI active ingredients are worked into paper or film. They evaporate and come to rest on the metal surface, forming a moisture-repellent protective layer.

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Corrosion problems?


Corrosion often finds its root cause in the production process! Small defects can lead to corrosion and the subsequent high costs. We will help you avoid these costs!

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Our packaging catalogue


Discover our comprehensive range of packaging materials and machines.

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