Here you will find conductive, insulating and protective packaging products that are tailored to meet the demands of the electrical and electronic industry. Need advice on the best packaging materials for your products? Put your questions to us!

Anti-static Bubble Wrap & Pouches

Cushioning for electronic components


With anti-static bubble wrap and pouches, electronic components can be optimally protected for shipment.

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Shell Boxes

Shipping packaging for delicate goods


Pre-fabricated shipping packaging made from corrugated cardboard and environmentally-friendly polyurethane foam

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Electrostatic  shielding bags

Protection against ESD (electrostatic discharge)


The recyclable and sealable bags are made from anti-static polyester and can be printed.

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Gripseal bags

Versatile, fast and practical


Grip seal bags are ideal for the shipment of small parts and boast a high degree of transparency.

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Packaging Systems

Packaging machines help rationalise processes and reduce material consumption.

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That is why our service offering starts with on-site advice and analysis. On this basis, we can offer you the most appropriate machine.

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Extended range

Ask us about our comprehensive range of conductive, anti-static and insulating packaging products


For further information about packaging products that are tailored to meet the demands of the electrical and electronic industries... Just ask Antalis!

  • Case Study:

    About eight years ago, the company was facing a serious threat to the smooth running of its operation when its packaging supplier suddenly ceased trading. Despite it being Christmas Eve, Antalis Packaging stepped in, and within just three days, was fully operational in supplying protective packaging products to ensure there was no disruption to customer service.

    Over the years, the company has constantly turned to Antalis Packaging for advice, operational support and product innovation. When they commenced the migration of its service repair business from the UK to a new facility in Eastern Europe, Antalis Packaging established a dedicated supply network in Eastern Europe to ensure consistency and product availability for both its domestic and overseas repair centres.

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